"SEBA 2016 was the first-of-its-kind event that saw a lot of successful startups and small businesses come together. There was a lot of positive vibes in the air and the awards were earned by those who were truly deserving and bring meaningful change. I am very happy that ZOHO was part of this, and I wish SEBA many more eventful years.“

Kuppu, Evangelist, ZOHO

“That was definitely a wonderful & successful event. Everyone was having a good time right from getting nominated for categories, winning awards, those wisely advices from speakers across industry, networking & entertainment part. You have definitely raised expectations for sponsors & bar for yourself. Keep up doing the great work.”

Navnath Wadekar - Head of Marketing Alliances, Vodafone

“It was indeed pleasure to have associated with small enterprise India for the SEBA Awards. It is a great initiative by SE to recognize and honor the SMEs who has already made the difference or on their way to make it big. We sincerely appreciate the efforts put in by all the jury members and our hearty Congratulations goes to all the winners and nominees.”

Sunil Paul, Co-Founder & COO, Finesse

The Small Enterprise Business Awards was a great initiative as this segment which contributes so immensely to the economic growth and prosperity of the country had been sadly neglected in the past. The organisers need to be complemented on this wonderful initiative. This will go a long way in recognising the talent and business entrepreneurship and create great organisations in the future. While startups with technology orientation though having cash burns are regularly applauded for creating disruptive markets, it is the small and medium enterprises which have been the backbone of the Indian economy and heed to be heralded. Unsung and unheard in the past this business award had given a voice for them and a platform for recognition and rightfully so. There were interesting entrepreneurs and interesting stories which will only be an inspiration to the future generations.

Long live the Small Enterprise Business Awards!

G. Ramachandran Mentor Capitalist

‘Small Enterprise Business Awards’ is a welcome initiative by the Small Enterprise Magazine. The Awards are offered in 20 categories under Start-up and SME tracks. This is the first of its kind award where Start-ups and SMEs nominate themselves. As a member of jury, I learnt about several innovative businesses and current trends happening today. It was a joyful experience. The six categories under the Start-up track - Technology, Innovative, Franchise, Service, Lean and NGO, have been aptly selected. While reviewing the nominations I observed that Start-ups operate with innovative processes. Under the SME track, seven relevant categories were selected - Manufacturing, Technology, Services, Health Care, Export/Import, Rural and Garment/Textiles and the nominations were quite impressive. Further, on basis of annual turnover of the SMEs, these seven categories of the SME track were further divided into thirteen segments. This segmentation helped in judging the nominees on their financial performance as well. I found the process of evaluation for the award systematic and distinct with appropriate justifications, merits and relevant parameters for screening. Some of the nominations that I evaluated deserved to be featured among the winners list. However, there were limitations in the number of awardees. The Award Ceremony was well organized, attracting varied stakeholders. I am glad that I witnessed the grand event. The winners were curious and fascinated about their awards, a reflection of an achiever’s quality. I extend my heartiest compliments to ‘The Aspire Media’, ‘Small Enterprise Magazine’ and Mr. Dojo Jose for being so passionate about the award process.

I wish success to the organizing team and many more accolades in their future endeavors!

Dr.Sunil Shukhla Director, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad.